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Here’s the the best review I’ve ever gotten for any of my work, or for anything I’ve done, for issue 3 of my Pigman comic book, written by the great Daniel Greenfield, originally published at Front Page Magazine.
Tales from the comic book infidel underground.
By Daniel Greenfield
Superheroes have never been more culturally dominant than they are in the age of the billion dollar Marvel or DC blockbuster and have never been less relevant.
The emotional momentum of the idealism of Superman creators Siegel and Shuster, Batman creator Bob Kane being viciously beaten up as a boy and fantasizing about vigilante justice have died out leaving behind a lifeless cast of familiar characters owned by movie studios going through the same routines, dying and being reinvented just long enough to become the same thing all over again.
If someone actually set out to reinvent the superhero, to make him relevant to the world we live in today and to give him the emotional investment of classic comics, he would have to be shut out of the marketplace in self-defense. And that’s exactly what happened to Bosch Fawstin over The Infidel.
Long before the Draw Muhammad contest came under attack from Islamic terrorists, Bosch Fawstin had been a voice for truth and freedom in a field where conservative voices are unrepresented.
Frank Miller’s Holy Terror was one of the few anti-Jihad comics and DC refused to allow Batman to appear in it. But Holy Terror was a muddled work. Fawstin’s Pigman summons up Miller in his prime.
You can read the entire review at Front Page Magazine here.
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